Why Choose Me

I have been a full time licensed Realtor for over 18 years and have always urged my clients to consider our relationship as a “partnership” as we are truly “in this together!”.  That is why I have ALWAYS supported EVERY purchase and sale with the most relevant and recent sales data. I encourage detailed conversation so WE can come to educated decisions together as a team, working towards making the best possible decision for you and your family and protecting you every step of the way!  This is how real estate should be!

Now through the access of SOLD information on MLS Sold Data, we can together make this process even better as you can look through sales data on your own. Only when you are ready WE can have the ability to engage in a MUCH deeper and more thoughtful conversation about property valuations! Moving us closer to making a better and more educated decision about your Real estate goals and you and your families future!

Please use this information only for initial and preliminary research! It is imperative that WE engage in more detailed, professional and experienced discussions prior to moving forward with any transaction! Knowing the value of a property DOES NOT fully protect you and your Investment, only we can do that together as a team!

Happy hunting and I look forward to speaking with you soon


Stephen Glaysher