sold data in Rosedale Moore Park

Rosedale is an affluent neighbourhood in central Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was formerly the  estate of William Botsford Jarvis, and so named by his wife, granddaughter of William Dummer  Powell, for the wild roses that grew there in abundance. It is located north of Downtown Toronto and  is one of its oldest suburbs. It is also one of the wealthiest and most highly priced neighbourhoods in  Canada.Rosedale has been ranked the best neighbourhood in Toronto to live in by Toronto Life.It is  known as the area where the city’s ‘old money’ lives,and is home to some of Canada’s richest and  most famous citizens including Gerry Schwartz, founder of Onex Corporation, Adrienne Clarkson,  the 26th Governor General of Canada, and her husband, the author John Ralston Saul, as well as  David Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet of the Thomson Corporation, the latter of whom is the  richest man in Canada. 

Rosedale’s boundaries consist of the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks to the north, Yonge Street to  the west, Aylmer Avenue and Rosedale Valley Road to the south, and Bayview Avenue to the east.  The neighbourhood is within the City of Toronto’s Rosedale-Moore Park neighbourhood. The  neighbourhood is divided into a north and south portion by the Park Drive Ravine.