Sold data in Parkwoods-Donalda

Parkwoods or sometimes referred to as Parkwoods-Donalda, is a neighbourhood in Toronto,  Ontario, Canada. It is a geographically large neighbourhood located just south of Ontario Highway  401, west of Victoria Park Avenue, north of Lawrence Avenue East and east of the Don Valley  Parkway.

The northern part of the neighbourhood (area north of York Mills Road/Parkwoods Village Drive) is  populated by mostly new immigrants to the city and has a mix of lower- and middle-income families.  As a result, there are many visible minorities (over 50%). Chinese, South Asians and Blacks  (African, Caribbean) make up the largest percentage of ancestries in the area, after European  Canadians and other mixes. The area south of York Mills Road is a fairly affluent neighbourhood,  with many original homeowners (1957 to 1962 purchasers) still occupants (or their heirs). 

In the north-west quadrant of the neighbourhood is the area known as Graydon, which is built up on  hillside terrains and is home to the Donalda Golf course. 

One of the dominant characteristics of the neighbourhood is its winding streets and undulating  topography. Several large parks and trails can be found throughout the area. Of particular note is  Brookbanks Park; a branch of the Don Valley ravine system. Running throughout the ravine is  Deerlick Creek, which is a tributary of the Don River.