About Toronto MLS Sold Data

About MLS Sold Data

This site was designed with one thing in mind TRANSPARENCY

Allowing the public (you) access to the most valuable information available when making in a lot of cases the most important and largest transaction of your life (SOLD DATA) has been a dream of mine for decades and now it is finally a reality!!

Drawing comparisons from active listings (asking price) to actual recent SOLD listings is the ONLY way to come to an educated decision of what a property is worth in a specific market and consequently how much you should and should not offer!

I have been a proponent of making this information public for the majority of my 17+ year career in Real estate and finally, I am able to do so!! Now whether buying and/or selling you can do most of the initial research yourself and not have to rely on getting this information from a Realtor Protecting yourself and your family along the way!

Please enjoy the site at your leisure! educate yourself as to your specific condo or home value and reach out to me only when you are ready so we can discuss in more detail and I can further protect you and your families interests

Kindest regards